Hey lovelies!

Had so much fun the past two weeks, went to the ENVISION MPLS fashion show May 2nd, and then this past Thursday (May 7th) I had the privilege to photograph another Neighbor's Inc. fundraiser, the Design on a Dime fashion show. Also got the chance to manage their Instagram account on social media the past couple of months with a few posts. It's been an awesome two weeks, but it has been quite the madness. Don't get me wrong there was lots of fashion for me to digest & amazing designer finds, plus I enjoyed the events. It all just happened so quickly; very close in dates, with a lot of things to work on for the fundraiser along with school & finals which was quite a challenge that I was happy to take on.

The fundraiser experience was great, we were at this location that I had never been to before in St. Paul, the building was Victorian Styled, and while the models got ready I ran into a semi-hidden corner with a beautiful, old, green elevator and a window. I ended up grabbing a few of the models and photographing them there, I only wish I knew the exact name of that green. There are some pictures below, feel free to check out my Envision post, and the DOAD gallery for the fundraiser if you would like to see more pics. I truly encourage everyone to help at fundraisers, or volunteer for other good causes. It makes all the hard work worthwhile. 

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