Why not choose beautiful?

Did you watch it? If not go back up and press play.

Dove noted that 96% of the women who were a part of this walked through the average door.

WHAT?! Thinking of yourself as beautiful shouldn't be a crime, or a bad thing, and it should not be seen as a selfish or arrogant way to think about yourself either. Watching this video made me sad, so many women had to second-guess what door they should walk through. Don't get me wrong, I know for a fact that you're not going to have the best hair every day, that outfit that's "on-point" 24/7, or amazing make-up all the time but I think that women, myself included, forget that there's more to beauty than just looks. We all have our bad days, we are human. Remember that our minds, words, actions, and personalities can be the bomb, beautiful, amazing, & great as well.

So choose BEAUTIFUL, because no one should feel average.