Let's start with a quick disclaimer.

Before giving these a try, I highly suggest visiting a dermatologist. Share the products I use with them, or see an esthetician. I suggest visiting my girl Farah at Lovely Organic Studio in South Minneapolis if you live in the area.

I have combination skin, the main problem being how oily it can get which doesn't help my pores. I also have hyper pigmentation, which basically means that I am majorly prone to blemishes due to how my skin heals. Below are a few tips from my routine along and you can purchase all the products I use or mention on my Amazon shop.


While I use Cetaphil or the general drugstore version of it as my go to face wash, I involve Glycolic acid as a core part of keeping my skin clear thanks to its exfoliating and rejuvenating components. I've found that the Nip + Fab brand has it's exclusive Glycolix Fix line which are now essentials to my skincare routine, I use their scrub 1-2x per week, cleansing pads every morning, and serum every night. I also carry Acure towlettes that have glycolic acid + zinc for use at the gym so my sweat wont clog my pores after a workout or even for travel purposes.


Even with the most regimented skincare routine nature happens. This is where spot treating comes in handy. I've found Benzoyl Peroxide & Salycillic acid to be lifesavers for breakouts. Switching up between these two will help not dry your skin. You can easily find these products at any drugstore which is what I use, as well as the following:  Origins Spot Remover , STC 10.0.6.


Now if you include these products into your skincare routine make sure to HYDRATE. It's the easiest way to clean toxins out of your body. Also MOISTURIZE. I personally have to watch out for any moisturizer or makeup that has added/excessive oils because my skin doesn't need anymore of it. My go to moisturizers are the following: Oxygen Botanicals , Origins Matte moisturizer, Careology Skincare Overnight Repair Cream.


Something I wasn't aware of is that my skin is prone to blemishes because of the way it heals. Part of my visits to my esthetician consist of blue light sessions, which I get to do at home when my schedule is too busy with my ME clear light. That's for my face, to keep the rest of my body blemish free I use: AMLACTIN Alpha-Hydroxy moisturizer, & BIO-OIL.


Humans are creatures of habit so let's get you guys on a healthy one with this routine. If you give these a go, try them until it becomes a habit so you see the results. Please know that it took me about 2 months of following my routine to really get my skin to where it is now.

Farah, my esthetician is releasing her own skincare line that follows what she uses on me when I see her which will substitute a lot of these or add to my routine. I'll be announcing that on my Instagram/FB when that happens so you can all know what those products will be.