About a month ago now Jahna Péloquin the Style Editor from MNMO posted something about the opening of the MOA's Kit & Ace store on FB so I decided to check it out and it is probably one of the most gorgeous retail store layouts I've seen in a while. Totally worth your time checking out. It's clean, open, and very elegant to say the least. Plus total wardrobe goals. This brand is making waves, literally opening store after store recently and that's really no surprise because their clothing is very high quality, and definitely worth every penny. Their products are mainly made of Technical cashmere, it's the first technical fabric they've created. They really focus on progress, comfort and versatility, not only for when you're active but for everyday life which is why I really dig it.

Enough blabbing, let's get down to business. This outfit is easy to achieve, perfect for a day when you don't have much going on, but the key part of this look is what's underneath it all. I fell in love with the Belmont bra that Kit & Ace offers, although I wasn't about to just take a topless pic because I want to show you guys how you can actually wear it. The Belmont bra resembles a halter top design, with a V-shaped power mesh panel on the front for breathability and crossed straps on the back for support. I am not a fan of heavily lined bras, push up bras, or bras in general. They're simply uncomfortable, so if you feel the same way I do then maybe this is a bra you should try out. The cashmere fabric is comfortable and supporting enough that it's as if you're not wearing a bra at all, I bought the link & gray design because I really love how it feels and the design. If you have a rocking six pack or hell, are confident enough to just wear a bra and no tops anywhere this is a must have otherwise I recommend wearing V-neck's with this bra to showoff the details such as the mesh panel. It's sexy, and interesting to look at almost like a peek-a-boo effect because it looks like it's part of your top when it's simply your bra. The design is rad so flaunt it if you've got it in your wardrobe. 

Shop the look above, including the bra and if you really wanted a full look at it here's a pic below from the Kit & Ace online store.

Good vibes, always