Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

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To this day my biggest investment as an adult has been my smile.

If you were to go looking around for photos of me back in grade school through high school you’d find plenty of them, if not all without me showing my teeth. Why? Because I was so uncomfortable with the way they looked. Today I love my smile and want to continue investing in it from the comfort of my home and I’ve had the chance to do that the last two months thanks to Smile Brilliant.

My parents weren’t able to afford braces for me and my two other siblings growing up, which I understood as soon as my orthodontist bill came in the mail when I got mine at the age of 18. Don’t get me wrong I don’t regret the decision if anything I am here to encourage you all to invest in your smile if it’s something that you aren’t personally happy with because I fully understand what that is like and how it can for a lack of better words suck. It takes a toll on your self-esteem and how you perceive yourself. 

Fixing my smile was the first step though, maintaining healthy oral hygiene was another and now improving that first step with cleaning has been such an interesting journey. Teeth whitening can be uncomfortable and overall expensive. There’s no way around it, and we’re constantly plastered with advertisements about it so do any of those procedures actually work? Smile Brilliant does.

I am so skeptic with things like this especially with an at-home whitening kit, but if it’s cruelty-free, vegan and I can save a trip to the dentist with my crazy schedule then I’m all in. Using it has been so effortless, from the creation of my trays, receiving them in the mail, to the thorough instructions you are sent to make the best of your whitening kit there’s no way to get it wrong and if you have questions their team is ready to help. Our teeth aren’t naturally white like paper so the fact that their gels are vegetable based and not infused with harmful chemicals helps you understand that they’re here to help you get rid of years stains on your teeth to get lasting results. They also include a desensitizing gel in their kit so if you have sensitive teeth this is perfect for you. My teeth got sensitive every now and then through the process, and although it wasn’t that bad the gel certainly made any discomfort disappear.

Now for the fun part, with this post, I am holding a GIVEAWAY worth $149 in credit for your own whitening kit. It is working for me and I highly recommend it for all of you to try so why not get one on me plus 15% off at checkout? Click the link below and good luck! (15% off code is visualvitaliti15 )

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