From architecture, to ramen, the windy city had a lot to offer. This past December I decided not to create resolutions that I would certainly forget by the first half of 2018, instead I decided to accept a new mindset that I wanted to share, live, and experience. Willing things into existence and cultivating good vibes in my life.

My wanderlust is through the roof as I am gearing into my 23rd birthday at the end of March. Even though I am as economically conscious as any other college student living in America, I told myself that I would will traveling into my life this year one way or another. Chicago was my first stop in February. 

What was meant to be a solo vacation turned into a family vacation but the plans didn't change, we rented an Arbnb and rented out a car via Thrifty Car rental.  Their services offer discounts as well as loyalty programs for those looking to save a few bucks on car rentals. Our Airbnb was a short 10 minute drive from the city, quiet and near all other forms of transit Chicago had to offer in case we needed it. Here's where I stayed in case you are also looking to book a trip to Chicago: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13621242

The architecture throughout the city is historic and cool to look at and photograph. Definitely bring a camera along and go wild. For anyone thinking of visiting the windy city here were some of my favorite places:

  • Firecakes Donuts- The place to go for some sweets! There's no shortage of locations for you to try these out, so make a stop and give the pistachio old fashioned and wildflower honey glazed donuts a try. They were my favorites. 
  • Ramen-San- I looooooooove ramen, and aside from having a hard time figuring out where the entrance door was located late at night for this fun restaurant Ramen-San did not disappoint. The ambience, the service, and the ramen was beyond my expectations. I suggest trying the traditional Tonkotsu ramen with lots of their sesame chili if you can handle the heat. I plan on getting more adventurous next time I visit.
  • Kuma's Corner- If you like rock, burgers and maybe watching some Bob Ross while you eat then check this place out. It had such great vibes and the food was delicious!
  • "The Bean"- Actually named the cloud gate (cooler than its nickname in my opinion) is a beautiful sculpture by British artist Anish Kapoor. The views of the city and its architecture are beautiful, great spot for photos and all your tourist needs.
  • Lincoln Park Zoo- When I travel, I keep adventure and fun to a budget and finding things that you can do for low prices or for free are always a plus. The zoo is totally free and a fun experience. You're near the shoreline of Lake Michigan, and are led to a beautiful view of the city as you venture throughout the zoo. Great spot for animal lovers as well as family trips.