I recently had a fun shopping adventure at the MOA gathering up a couple of beauty products to get me through this fall. School, work, and life can get really crazy so remember to take time to relax a bit and treat yourself and your face to a bit of pampering. 

This summer I realized that my T-zone tends to get really oily resulting in the obvious acne breakouts or blackheads. I really want to take better care of my skin and I've heard amazing reviews from a lot of people about LUSH cosmetics, so I went there and got two products to help balance my skin a bit more and cleanse it. I got the following (click name to shop) :

ANGELS ON MY SKIN: Main contents to take in mind for this one are the grounded almonds, and lavender flower/oils. It has a beautiful scent that is very relaxing in itself. It's not a paste, it's all grounded up. Just add water, rub around your hand and then on your face. The gal that helped me get these said I could just wash it right off but I like to leave it on for a good 2-5 minutes. You can instantly feel the difference on your face, it feels fresh as well as softer than before washing it with this product. 

MASK OF MAGNAMINTY: I don't use the mask fairly often since I bought it a month ago or so now, I'll do the mask maybe once a week or every other week. This mask is mainly for cleansing the impurities off your face such as the dirt in your pores with the help of the granulated aduki beans it contains. I got this one to fight blackheads, and that's also improving so I do think the mask does its job you just have to get in the routine of using it. You can feel the peppermint on your face right away when you rub this on, it tingles and it feels really good on you skin. I usually leave it on for 10-15 minutes but you can just do it for 5-10 as recommended. Your skin will feel so fresh after washing this one off.

I only wash my face with water in the morning, and then I use the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser at night (every night.) The first week or two I felt like my skin was reacting to me using different products because I felt like I was actually getting more acne than it was helping clear. As far as cleansers go I would use a lot of microbead based products or scrubs because they would help reduce my breakouts right away and what not, but my skin would then tend to dry out really easily and then I began to notice how oily it would get throughout the day for no reason. I figured these side effects were connected somehow and wanted to look for something healthier to use and based more on natural components rather than just chemicals because that stuff is very harsh on the skin. Since those were the only kind of products I used on my face for the last couple of years I felt that using more natural based products randomly seemed to shock my skin a bit causing a reaction.

Now that it's been a month or so since I first began using them I am in love with these products and truly recommend giving them a try. The results are obvious to me but it didn't happen from one day to the next so give it some time. If you run into a LUSH store don't be afraid to ask questions, these guys helped me out so much they know their stuff so if you have certain problems you want to target concerning you skin talk to them. They're obviously not dermatologists but they are there to help. I have yet to try a bath bomb though so I need to get to that pronto. Once I am done with these I'll probably write an update on whether I'll keep using them or try something else that they offer but I'll keep you guys posted. If you have any questions comment below or ask on the Instagram feed (@vrturcios) 

Good vibes, Always