Shorts: Old Navy, Belt/White Tee: Levi's, Accessories: (sunnies) Cliché +
(cork bracelet) Mieroglyphs + (watch) Nixon, Shoes: Converse, Bomber/Purse: Thrifted locally

The humid weather is starting to go away (sort of) and there's already trees changing color here in the Midwest. You all know what that means....fall is almost here!

I'd say fall is my favorite season, my wardrobe seems to never be ready for the summer. I always feel like I lack pieces that will help me get through the hot summer days here, maybe next year will be different. I am ready for fall though. I've got plenty of sweaters, denim, and leggings to style up plenty of looks to share with you all.

This time around I am sharing a look for the transition we are all nearing with some longer shorts, a fun bomber is a classic olive tone– perfect for fall, and a basic white tee to make the accents in my accessories pop as well as the olive tone. I usually match my purse with whatever color of belt but both black+brown leather look good with olive green, so I went with it. After all fashion has no rules, make up your own guidelines as you go if you feel comfortable in what you're wearing.


Wishing you all a great start to the fall semester if you're just starting school. Let's all have a rad fall!

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Good vibes, always