Chokers: Full Tilt Boots: ZaraJeans: Levi's Men's 501ct
Blazer, wallet, & belt: Thrifted locally

I am a big fan of business casual looks. They give the world of business some comfort in an already rigid environment, and the wearer leeway to include a bit of personality into what they are doing. After thinking of what to share next on the blog I got a client that was looking for just that, help with her wardrobe and outfit choices that were acceptable in a business yet keeping her playful and fun personality still visible.

Here is my advice for those of you looking to do just that:

1) Don't give yourself rigid rules. This leaves you with very little to work with from what you already have in your wardrobe, and you don't need to go spending all your money on fancy business attire unless you absolutely lack the pieces below.

2) There are key pieces that will help you make just about any outfit look business appropriate and those are– blazers (in blue, black, white, or gray) a dark indigo/black pair of jeans, a mid-length/long skirt (doesn't have to be a pencil skirt, make it fun) and a black dress.

3) Have fun and wear whatever you pair together with confidence. Even if your co-workers don't wear color or prints to work it doesn't mean you shouldn't and it also doesn't mean you should hide behind a boring suit all the time. Unless that's the dress code at your job, but even so you can still spice that up too.

The outfit I have above would be something I would wear to work, to meet a client, or even a girl's night out. If it happened to be a more serious event/meeting I would lose the destroyed denim and change into a darker wash or black pair of jeans. Those are the two types of denim you can dress up the easiest. The key part of the look is the blazer. That is the one thing that gives off an air of class and makes you look business ready. The "casual" in business-casual is yours to determine but the key items that I mentioned above can be layered to your liking, add color, or event prints to mix & match so you can let your personality show and still be presentable at any given moment.


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