ART (Megan Cline) | RUG | SPEAKERS

I don't know about you guys but it's hard for me to be active and get things done at home if I don't feel inspired or motivated to do things. Fill your walls with pretty things to look at whether it's a poster of the hot celebrity you're crushing over, a band poster, art (yes art!) or even tapestries those are rad and expensive, but cool. One thing that gets me in a good mood is music, that never seizes to make me happy so speakers are a must or just use your phone but if you really want to jam out get some. Working while in bed doesn't really result in much besides me falling asleep so if you have the same problem I do then get a fun and comfortable rug so that you can lay on the floor while working, sit on it, take awesome Instagram pics you name it. The possibilities are endless. Also who doesn't love succulents, these little fellas are lovely and bring about good vibes, fill your room with them or buy one and care for it. Plants help with stress, and specially ones you won't kill off easily.

Like always shop the items above except for the succulents, go to Home Depot or something and get out of your house to buy those, feel free to subscribe below!


Good vibes, always