Do your favorite brands give back?

The fashion industry is HUGE to say the least. There is a vast number of designers worldwide, and many of their names and brands tend to be on the spotlight depending on who wears their stuff. That's pretty much how brands get noticed, but what about what they actually do to help people, & our planet? You don't usually read about that, yet we all know it's a big deal.

Besides making people look their best, the fashion industry leaves a huge footprint on the environment, with their production factories, to the chemicals used in garments, as well as in our pockets so it's the right thing for them to actually take steps to give back.

Here's a short video to help you understand what the fashion industry is doing to our Earth:

I'm not sharing this video to blame anyone or change the subject to environmentalism, just to bring awareness and also because I really believe in what the video says, "Beautiful fashion shouldn't cost the Earth" -DETOX

The following are brands that I know for sure give back to the community as well as other causes. I encourage you all to do a little digging in your closets and see what brands that you love or own, do to help communities and the world. It won't only make you aware of where your money really goes, but how you're also a small part of that! And who doesn't like to feel like their doing something good right? :)


Yes, Steve gives back! Actually working along with 9 different charities and organizations to encourage support amongst the community. These causes range from The American Cancer Society, Dress for Success, and The Doe Fund to name a few, to see the full list visit their Steve Madden Gives Back page. Also their accessories, bags, shoes- EVERYTHING is so cute & you can't really go wrong when pairing gold or silver accented items with a vast variety of outfits.


Sorry, not sorry. I HAD to mention Levi's. It is my favorite brand of jeans. Besides the fact that they're the only brand of denim that fits my curves the way a pair of jeans should. This company is pretty rad. They have years of standing up against discrimination & unequal treatment, they raise awareness on the usage of water by individuals everyday with their WaterLess Project as well. They also collaborate with organizations such as,  United By Blue who recycle trash into T-Shirts amongst other things. Levi's also partners with Goodwill. In fact all of their jeans have this printed somewhere on the pockets or can be seen on their site: 

So yeah like I said, they're rad. Either go get a new pair or donate your old ones, someone out there may be in need for a pair of jeans that you don't need anymore.

U.S Polo Assn.

No, I don't play polo but what I do know is that this company is nice enough to support the sport their brand is obviously based on, and plenty of other education programs. Even if it doesn't seem as much as what the other two brands I mention do, it says something about the fact that they're rooting for people to stay active. Plus their accessories bring any outfit a bit of classiness with their patterns & use of materials.


So there's my top three favorite brands. They all do something to give back so why don't you guys check your own faves and share with me? I'm always on the lookout for stuff that's worth my time to buy, not only to wear but because it serves a purpose.