This fall was a busy and fun one for me, I got to style IAMMPLS at the MIA alongside other very talented fashion stylists in MPLS and work with Sarah Edwards. I also had the chance to connect with online shop owner and vintage connoisseur; Ania Louisa, whom I've looked to for inspiration over the last year or so since we found each other on Instagram. Her shop's feed, ALACLOTH is filled with her love for vintage and the eye to pick fabulous pieces wherever she goes. If you love black, leather, denim, boots, and anything vintage don't forget to check it out. 

For our collaboration she gave me the freedom to style looks and do my own thing. The shots below are the product of a great new friendship with Ania and the freedom of creative direction she gave me to portray my interpretation of her brand, while trying out new things with my photographic work and fashion styling.

These pieces are up on her shop so get them while you can