SlutWalk 2014

Trying to support causes you feel strongly about is definitely a way to do something positive with your time. This past weekend I was a part of the SlutWalk, the walk has caused a lot of controversy the past few years, obviously because of its name but that's up to each individual to figure out how you feel about that, if you'd like to read more on it I'll add a link at the end of this post. I decided to participate on this walk because I believe violence is wrong, and also because I am a woman, I am a feminist and I think that the word needs to get out there that rape is wrong, sexual abuse is wrong, and violence towards any human being is wrong no matter where they come from, their ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, or whatever their life story may be. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk, there was quite a number of people there which was inspiring as well as the beautiful community here in MN I mean people would hunk while we walked by the traffic, people would cheer us on too, all in support for what we were walking for. The posters had some really encouraging messages, as well as partial stories of some of the individuals who participated which was at times heartbreaking to read because some of the individuals who participate in this are victims of rape, abuse, or violence, and that doesn't mean they were only women, men were too. I look forward to participating next year, their numbers are growing when it comes to participants which is a good thing, and I can only imagine how much stronger our community gets as awareness is raised to fight these violent actions against women, men, children, everyone.

To know more about this walk click the link: SlutWalk