Jeans: Levi's Men's 501CT   Button-up: Rewind Vintage Tank: Madewell   Shoes: Target  

Those of you who have followed my posts from the start know my deep obsession with denim so here's a denim on denim look. When I go for a look like this one I rarely pair up the same shades, for some reason it doesn't feel right. I am reminded of that Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake denim pic that will forever roam the internet when I see people wearing the same shades of denim. I love contrast so I prefer to mix it up. Whether it's dark denim on light denim, light on black, or a dark indigo shade with colorful denim pieces. You can find some rad denim that could literally be any color of the rainbow at some thrift or vintage store nearby too. An alternative to denim during the warmer months is chambray, it's one of those fabrics that can be easily dressed up or dressed down without the thickness of denim, so you can be nice and cool. Check out some of these denim pieces below:





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