Hat (GAP) Tee+Jeans (Levi's710's) Oversized button-down ( Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren, locally thrifted @ Rewind MPLS) Shoes (Dolce Vita, locally thrifted @ Arc's Value Village) Bracelet (Mieroglyphs) Watch (Nixon) Purse (Target)

My name is Victoria and if you have any questions about denim, thrifting or a quick outfit tip then I'm your gal, otherwise the only other thing I can help you with is probably finding your way with my hat.  Mom if you're reading this I hope your back is OK, I did try to avoid the cracks.

Someone asked me the other day why I wear so many oversized pieces since I'm petite, this came across in a manner in which I didn't think they meant it as a compliment or sincere question. I simply responded, because I liked them and hoped it was a good enough answer. What I really should've said was hell, because I want to wear them. I love layering and if I find a Polo or Armani oversized garment while thrifting I'm getting it and making it work even if I'm 5 ft tall. Also I promise I have a steamer, but after that happened I was feeling myself in this outfit and had just sat in class for four hours so excuse the wrinkles.