I just wanted to share with my readers that you're able to follow my feed not only on BLOGLOVIN, but also on Tumblr. I think that it's obvious that many bloggers out there try to reach their audience through various platforms. I have loved Tumblr since I was in high school, I honestly went on there and made various blogs simply to reblog anything that I enjoyed. Although that hasn't really changed because there is so much on Tumblr to take inspiration from that I truly enjoy it so I wanted to make my blog's feed available to anyone who's on there as well. You'll find it under VISUAL VITALITI & for anyone who also follows my Instagram account you're probably aware that I adore film photography, I even have a Tumblr feed solely for my film shots and that blog is named FILM ADVENTURE

Click the bold print to check the blog's out if you're a fellow Tumblrer...not sure if thats even a word but we will roll with it. I've noticed that those who subscribe to my blog's feed here has grown the past couple of months and I am so very grateful for all the support, Visual Vitaliti started last year as something for my personal sanity and it's turned into such a fun adventure. Have an awesome rest of the week!