Beanie (Millioneires) Vest (THML bought @ Cliché) Jeans (Levi's) Shoes (Sorel Footwear) Sunnies ( AJ Morgan bought @ Cliché

We have been so lucky this season, our winter has been quite mild. Of course when I say that I understand that global warming has plenty to do with it. We haven't had snow that has really stuck around for long which makes me sad. I'm a winter babe, I love snow and trust me I'd rather have to layer up than feel like I'm dying of heat and humidity. I hope that we all keep global warming in mind because it's a REAL ISSUE but for now here's a look easy to recreate if you live here in MN or somewhere else that has mild winters. Vests can be your best friend, and Sorel boots can outlast any type of weather.