Photographed the photographer

edits by Margo Winter

Many of you know that the person who takes the photos on this blog tends to be my little brother  (sorry he still doesn't have an IG) but aside from him I also get to work with other local creatives who constantly inspire me, and have the chance to call them my friends. For this feature I got to interview and photograph the photographer, Margo Winter:


Who are you?-V

My name is Margo Winter,  I'm 24 years old. Originally from Wausau, WI (central WI) but have been in Minneapolis for 6 years.

What's your day job?-V

I work in healthcare (have been a medical scribe in the dermatology department and a personal care assistant in a local group home) but I will soon be a masters student in biological sciences. 

What inspired you to take on photography?-V

I am a scientist and anatomist by trade and although I love what I do and the people I am surrounded by I wanted to try something new and to be around a totally new group of people. Photography was a new challenge and a great creative outlet. I have been able to use skills in attention to detail and precision from research/science and push myself to become better at visualizing shots and working with new people. 

What's your favorite subject to photograph?-V

I love doing portraits! I like to give people free reign on what they wear and how they style their outfit and work the shoot around their personal style and personality. I could do the same pose for everyone and they would serve it so differently. People have different comforts and styles and when I can capture it the shot feels like gold. Oh and also I love to photograph puppies, I mean, who wouldn’t? 

Gear? editing software?-V

I use a Nikon D3400 and Lightroom to edit. But I wouldn’t be the photographer I am without my Cranial Nerve II!

Advice to others wanting to pursue photography?-V

If you want to do it just go out and start! Even if it is just with a little disposable or your phone you have to start somewhere. I think that the biggest reason why it took me so long to start and post my work online was insecurity about others seeing my work and judging what I have put out there. You just have to get that everyone is afraid of putting something personal and that they created out there and you just have to be proud and stand by what you have done. 

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