In case you haven't given Revival a visit yet then let me be the one to tell you that it is the place to go for fried chicken. Actually scratch that– if you feel the need to eat some crazy good mac & cheese, hush puppies that make you question how a place like this is located in the upper Midwest, and yes some wild Tennessee hot fried chicken which is also available in simple fried goodness for those who aren't up for the challenge, then Revival is the place for you to go. 

The few times I've been there the service has been great, and the food is worth the cheat day from whatever diet or rigorous meal plan you're on.  The servers are good at what they do, they're polite and are very knowledgeable of their menu which I really appreciate. Keep in mind the place itself is quite small so it gets a tad noisy, and sometimes their wait time can be about 3 hours or so. You read that right, so make sure you call ahead and just ask about their wait time to plan ahead. Can't blame them though, I fully understand why everyone wants a piece of their chicken. 

Also, I personally go there with the mindset of "sharing is caring." Since I'm a college kid (sorry Revival) this place is more on the pricey side of things. Don't worry it's nothing too crazy but if you want to try more than just their chicken then think of this as the perfect place for a friend's night out, date or small family outing. Take this short and sweet review under consideration if you've thought about stopping by, it's definitely a gem in our city that I hope continues to grow.

Just in case you're wondering what my favorite menu items are:

  • -Hush Puppies!! (O M G good P.S make sure to get an extra side of their remoulade sauce, you'll thank me later)
  • -Mac + Cheese
  • -Carolina gold rice+butter
  • -Tennessee hot fried chicken *not for the faint of heart but definitely go for it if you're adventurous  (take in mind I can take a bite of a jalapeño by itself and still live so take that as you wish)