Being now in my 20 somethings I have really tried to make staying healthy a priority, it always has been but it's never constant. It is hard though! I'd like to make sure that going on a health-kick this time around lasts and becomes part of my daily routine for the long run. I've always been active, I workout, I try to eat a balanced diet, I get as much sleep as I can when I can, I try to stay hydrated. Keywords in that sentence are "try" and "when" due to the fact that even though i can be really good at time management my priorities aren't always geared to my health. Last week I changed my breakfast routine a bit to help my digestion, and simply to eat a healthier and balanced diet so here's what I changed along with some recipes for you guys to try out:

I used almond milk for all of the recipes below because I don't drink regular milk, these can all be made thicker to create smoothie bowls if you prefer by minimizing how much milk you add when blending the ingredients together.


Changing my breakfast routine felt strange, I am used to having a hearty meal to start off my day so minimizing it made me feel like I wouldn't be full. I decided to keep a side of buttered toast and my regular cup of coffee if I had enough time to make that just to regulate this new diet. Success sometimes takes baby steps.

For this smoothie bowl I used a handful of both raspberries and blueberries, with 1  cup of oats topping it off with raspberries and quinoa.



Certain days of the week I would only have a smoothie without any other sides for breakfast if I didn't feel as hungry.

This one included 2 bananas, 1 whole sliced apple, and a cup of quinoa. (one of my favorites)



I am a big fan of dried dates and figs so I decided to try them out with my smoothies. I am not big on sugar and sweets so my smoothies don't contain granulated sugar of any kind but by simply adding one or two of these dried fruits helped give my drinks a slight sweetness that was delicious without overpowering the drink.

For this smoothie I used 2 bananas, a handful of raspberries, 1 date, 1 fig.


I think that by now you've probably realized I add bananas to almost every smoothie I've shared above which is true. I love bananas, they're easy to eat anytime and are rich in nutrients. 

For this smoothie I kept it high in potassium adding 1 date, 2 bananas, and a few pear slices. (this one was my second favorite)








The blender that I use is the Oster brand Blend-N-Go blender, it's affordable as well as compact for anyone to use and perfect if you need to take your smoothies on the go right away after making them. The main reason I got this blender was because one of my biggest excuses to not eat healthy sometimes is not having enough time to make food, having this blender gives me less reason to think that way. You can find it at Target.

Thank you all for reading feel free to share as well as comment+subscribe below

Good vibes, always