Men's Half-zip Van Heusen thrift find at Arc's Value Village,  Bodycon Dress from Cliché , Cropped Leggings from PINK by Victoria's Secret , Metallic Shades thrift find at My Sister's Closet, Baboutit purse from Steve Madden, Low-tops from Converse

Personal style is what defines fashion in my opinion, fashion itself is nothing without style. Big brands, and expensive items don't do it for me if the only reason they're being purchased is to somehow fit into the social ladder or to show off how much money you have. A good portion of the items in my closet are vintage finds or thrifted pieces, over the years I've really tried to expand my taste in clothing and accessories to have more fun with what I wear. Black, white, gray and neutrals will forever be my go to but I try to incorporate color or interesting accessories when I can. These help make a statement or give my outfits more personality and that's where thrifting and looking through vintage comes in handy. You just never know what you're going to find! 

The brand name items I do own are mainly thrifted pieces or ones I had my eye on for a very long time, like the Baboutit bag above from Steve Madden. This purse went on sale before they stopped carrying it and I was finally able to get my hands on it, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have been able to afford it. It's really the little things that you appreciate in the long run so have fun with what you wear whether it has a price tag of $2-100 from a local thrift store or a mall.

If you happen to be in the Twin Cities here are my favorite shops for good quality vintage items:

  • My Sister's Closet MN   Love visiting this shop, I always leave with something. I consign there
  • Moth Oddities   Unique  vintage finds from various places all over the US & locally
  • Rewind MPLS   It's like the Twin Cities holy grail of vintage, specially with denim <3

And here are my go to thrifting spots:

Also there's a lot of these places that accept donations or like I pointed out on some they will buy things from you, so if you have unwanted items in your closet or household that are still in good condition donate them or sell them so they can be re-used. 


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