Hey my beautiful people! So this past Saturday was the awaited night of the Envision fashion show here in MPLS. For those of you who were not there, I will share with you pictures, and many other little details.

I do have to share my first "Red Carpet" moment with you all though, more so because I was very proud of how my outfit turned out, my 501ct's saved my life!  Remember that I said jeans, if worn right, can work for almost any event? Well I went there & I'll let you guys be the judges of that: 

 I'm the munchkin in the middle, Megan Bur (left) & Natalie Bur (right) were my amazing companions for the night. I wore my Levi's, and Franco Sarto wedged sandals with a braided crown hairstyle.

 I'm the munchkin in the middle, Megan Bur (left) & Natalie Bur (right) were my amazing companions for the night. I wore my Levi's, and Franco Sarto wedged sandals with a braided crown hairstyle.

The Orchestra Hall was filled with beautiful people, great music, and the food was OMG yum. I got to network lots which I am so very thankful for & I also got shots of so many different outfits. There were amazing colors, see through skirts, elegant dresses, awesome prints, like bananas- Yes, bananas, and some beautiful accessories amongst the crowd as well. Here's a short gallery of some of my faves! 

The show was split into two parts through the evening, in the first portion we got to see work from Ellie Hottinger, House of Gina Marie+Mienkielo, Yvette Willeard, Kjurek, and Idle Child. The second portion included designs from Jenny Carle, Kozol, Cliche, Emily Trevor, & George Moskal.

Before I go into the details of the pieces that caught my eye, I want to make a quick shoutout to Peter Phung who made the amazing floral design that was truly a key piece to the show, the beautiful host Tricia Khutoretsky who truly rocked it, those who played at the VIP room- Greg Grease, Proper T, and Just 9 & obviously the DJ of the show Monsieur Adi for creating such great vibes, and last but not least IgniteModels for having such talented models along with Public Functionary for making ENVISION happen!

This show brought back a lot, by that I mean that there was a lot of dyed frabic, mustard yellows, metallics, and neons! It felt like a throwback show but modernized. Throughout the evening I noticed that all the lines focused on the small details, and there was so much effort put into the back of the outfits that was truly eye-catching from top to bottom. Talk about an awesome behind: 

I truly enjoyed how sexy & effortless the nightgown/1920's vibe the Idle Child line provided us with, the metallic and sheer fabric used by George Moskal, as well as how neon was used by Emily Trevor, girl you made a huge statement with your line I mean your designs & the models rocked those visors which is something I never thought I would say.

Deja Vu to the Great Gatsby anyone?

Maybe a Tennis wedding theme isn't a bad idea

Flow, Baby flow

The designs were striking as well as the methods and stories behind them. It was a beautiful experience. I suggest you all mark your calendars for September 25th which was the date they mentioned the fall show would be held, and go support your local artists!! More shots of the show are below, captioned with the designer's line in case you want to know who the master mind behind the designs are. Share with me what you think & please spread the word about MPLS fashion ;) Enjoy! 

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