Happy New Year's everyone! 

Happy New Year's everyone! 

We make these every year, and like most I think that I fail to fully follow through any that I've ever made. As a kid I would make the most silly ones like I will brush my teeth everyday or what not when that stuff is basic hygiene. I wanted to share my resolutions this year in hopes that it would serve some as a small guide on how to make and fulfill them. My advice is to keep them simple, and to make them about you. It's not about being selfish but you deserve to improve yourself and find growth in that, resolutions are a great way to do that.


1. Save more money

2.  Start healthy habits, keep them going

3. Take on more adventure time

4. Be the best version of yourself

Most people fail to fulfill their resolutions because they make too many or make extremely detailed resolutions that they just can't seem to remember as the year goes by. You want to be able to accomplish these not set yourself up for failure to begin with. Write them down in your journal, diary, post-it notes, or even your blog like I'm doing here just so you have some kind of reminded. I don't really think that a reminder is needed every single day if you know that these are things you really want for yourself, part of the motivation has to come from within you to work on these goals. The "how" you will be accomplishing your resolutions is the important part of this whole process, I've written mine below for every resolution numbered accordingly so it's easier to connect. 


1. Save 1-5% of my paychecks. Try out subscription boxes to limit monthly expenses. Thrift more when it comes to clothes shopping. Make use of student discounts where applicable & use Ebates not credit cards for cash back on online purchases.

2.  Stop making excuses for myself. Work out every day even if it's just 10-15 minutes. Go back to doing yoga or swimming. Eat a more balanced diet. Drink more water. Take vitamins.

3. Take chances, network more, explore other things that interest me that seem scary or make me nervous but do it anyways. Travel more even if it's by myself. Try new things like snowboarding, ice skating, surfing, snorkeling. 

4. Be kind, respectful, and more importantly myself. Humble minded, and good vibes always. Keep working, learning, and creating as much as I am able to.


Thank you so much for all the support you've given me & Visual Vitaliti this year it has meant the world to me. I hope you all have a rad & magical evening welcoming the new year, let's make 2016 unforgettable! 


Good vibes, always