This week's mooboard is all about the events around the corner this fall, mainly fashion week! I think that most of the time when people think about these events they think of them as an event where you have to dress your best, bring out the gowns and suits but I don't believe that's always the case. I wanted to share some tips with you guys as far as what you should try to look for when figuring out your outfits this season, and what you should keep in mind whether it's only for one or two fashion shows during that rad week or for the entirety of it. People go to these shows to work, network but overall to enjoy the shows so remember that.

Now, given that I am not necessarily talking just about the NY fashion week, these tips can be useful for fashion weeks everywhere or any other shows you attend as well! Above I picked a few items that I've been looking at for a few days now because they slightly fit what I am regularly into but with a bit more UMPH to them. Design wise, they may look minimal or pretty out there depending on your taste, specially the shoes and the sunglasses but they're interesting to look at and that's what brings me to the tips I have for you guys this week:

  • BE YOURSELF: Show your taste in style don't worry about being out there & breaking rules, not everyone will be wearing gowns and suits. There will be plenty of individuals out there wearing sneakers, sequins, patterns, and even spongebob sweaters to fashion shows trust me

  • TRY OUT NEW THINGS: Mix & match patterns or fabric, this week is about innovation coming to light in the world fashion so why not give new things a try. The designers surely will, so go for it

  • SMART SPENDING: Go thrift shopping and find quirky and odd pieces to implement into your wardrobe, fashion week should not be about you spending your last dollar on a top that will make that outfit rock. You never know what you can find while thrifting, maybe the perfect vintage purse or accessories that beat that $100 item.

  • COMFORT OR NOTHING: Sorry guys I know I probably say this plenty of my posts but truly the outfit will only stand out if you rock it and I don't only mean looking good in it but truly "feeling" it. Enjoy what you wear, have fun with your outfit after all these events are meant to be fun for everyone involved!

I will be adding plenty of posts related to fashion week in the upcoming weeks because I'm thrilled that many creative individuals in MN have reinstated a fashion week here so it's something I'm getting ready for and want to share with you all. If you guys liked the items on the photo the links are below!