Give Yourself The Best Chance

The last genuine blog post I wrote was seven months ago along with my on and off hiatus on social media. 2018 was a rollercoaster of a year for me, if you’re a new reader or a returning reader welcome, I think this post deserves to be a re-introduction of Visual Vitaliti and well, me — Victoria Turcios.

A full time student with a part-time job, contractor gigs, influencer collaborations/contracts, VIP events, styling fashion shows, all while trying to live the life of a 23 year old. Reading that alone makes me anxious. So it wasn’t a surprise when I hit a major creative block. Something was wrong. I didn’t feel like myself. Work wise— I was in a spot where I was just pumping out creative content because I had to, and I don’t think that many of us doing social media work can easily admit to this when we get to that point. As I sat in my doctor’s office for an annual checkup last year, I had a thorough conversation with her about how I felt, and how I could only relate it to depression. I didn’t know what to do about it and it was worrying me. Was I nervous? Fuck yes. Along with having all of these different feelings of fear, anger, shame, and sadness which were all valid in a situation of uncertainty.

Topics like mental and emotional health are mentioned everywhere but not really paid attention to, and I felt it was important to share my experience in a genuine manner. I’ve juggled a billion things on my plate since I can remember, but that’s not living. That’s stressing, and if the free wallet I got at Alchemy from a Lululemon class has taught me anything is that, ”stress is related to 99% of all illness.” As an artist, it bothers me how many talented creatives we lose each year because they work themselves dry— creatively, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The mindset of always being busy and always working shouldn’t be the expectation we strive for. This is for everyone not just for those in a creative industry.

The tests my doctor took resulted in my vitamin D levels being dangerously low, I was prescribed really high doses of supplements to improve whatever I was lacking along with suggestions on how to de-stress. If things didn’t get better, we’d talk about depression. I took this as the universe giving me a warning, and trust me I listened. I reached a point where I overwhelmed myself not only with my own work but everything around me— politics, as well as both toxic environments and people. I needed to get back to a point where I could create content that I genuinely felt happy and interested about, where I could write this post to anyone feeling the same things I was last year and know they’re not alone. Whether your approach is different than mine or similar, give yourself the best chance you’ve got. You deserve it, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

There’s a lot of rad shit I want to create, and I’m stoked to continue sharing it with all of you. Whether that’s as the style blogger that many know, a graphic designer or any other type of creative role that I continue pursuing. Thank you for reading.