ENVISION Fall 2015

FWMN has officially ended for the fall, there was so much to see with a week packed full of events and people to meet. If you follow my blog you probably already read my post on the Homme menswear show last Wednesday if you haven't click here and you'll be directed right over. This weekend offered a couple other shows and events to attend to, if you didn't get the chance to go to the awaited ENVISION show on Saturday then you'll find plenty of photos from the night here as well as what my favorite parts and details of the show were.

Getting to watch the live performers as well as getting some goodies from the HOTROCITY pop-up shop weren't the only fun things going on in the VIP lounge, you also got to enjoy the unique taste in style from everyone who went to the show including the performers and photographers had rad ensembles to show off! The show featured collections from local designers: ACG, Caroline Hayden, Cliche, Cory Allen, Form Over Function, Jenny Carle, Joeleen Torvick, Kjurek, Russel Bourrienne, Sarah Furnae, Tessa Louise and Yevette Willaert showcased their Fall/Winter lines with striking designs.

I fell in love with a lot of the looks on the runway mainly because I began noticing how many things were making a comeback such as bell-bottoms, small details like leather gloves and lace collars, also the use of a wide range of hats that definitely looked like they could even fit my head. Menswear also played a huge role in this show, obviously not taking over like on Wednesday's Homme show but it definitely had a place of its own here with great designs by both Cory Allen and Russell Bourrienne. Even Yvette Willaert played around with menswear silhouettes and style for the ladies who enjoy making it their own.

I'm very fond of how ENVISION shares the inspirations that bring about the work of the designers such as architecture, line work, storytelling, animals, romance and nature so you're able to BE a part of the experience, not just watch it. The designers truly brought out their A-game for the 18th season of ENVISION which makes it the now longest fashion event running in our beautiful city it was great to be there and I can't wait for the show in the Spring!

If you want to learn a bit more about the creative minds behind the designs in the pictures below just go to the ENVISION webpage. Here are the photos I took throughout the show, enjoy:













If you see your picture here or your designs and would like for me to send them to you feel free to contact me at vrturcios@gmail.com