Badass Versatility ft. STREY Designs


“if you always pick yourself up more times than you fall, you will inevitably succeed. “

Sarah Butala, Strey Designs


The best part of doing what I love is making connections with truly rad people! Sarah Butala is one of them.

Strey designs you’ve probably heard of the name at local maker’s markets, over at the Northrup King Building, or maybe you’ve visited the store at the Mall of America?

I met Sarah, the owner of Strey Designs last fall while working as one of the head stylists for Local Coterie , where I got to include her bags in almost every single look I styled. As the outfits made it through the runway, they made a statement thanks to her cross-body bags, the fanny-packs and backpacks. The amount of detail for each design was beautiful and unique. None of her bags are exactly the same, you see the materials she uses have their own characteristics that make the bags your very own as you wear them.


I’ve partnered with Sarah Butala’s brand, to share her work with all of you and a bit about her story. I’m all about versatility in design, functionality, and most importantly supporting badass women. Strey designs is truly a local gem. This boss babe is an entrepreneur at heart and adores what she does. Despite her growing success, Sarah’s journey hasn’t been an easy one.

“ When you grow up poor and not every whim or desire is provided for you, you begin to fantasize about how to obtain your needs or wants. Restrictions I had turned into innovation. Now I use that in my designs and as a business owner. “

- Sarah Butala

Sarah is in charge of stocking her studio and MOA shop; every bag made and designed by hand here in Minneapolis. She’s not solely supporting herself, but also a small team of amazing women that are fueling her vision to keep moving forward.

As an entrepreneur, mother, and wife, she encourages others not to underestimate the hustle. Sarah’s journey has made her stretch what little she has had, to help her create the empire she’s building.

In this post I’ve styled her DRIFT wallet, the SASHAY bag, as well as her JAUNT 6-way clutch. Yes really, you can style it in six different ways and hell if you want to think outside the box I’m sure you can style it in many more. Her designs offer style, reliability and the comfort of knowing you’re supporting a talented local badass.

Every bag is made with YOU in mind as Sarah stated in our interview:

“I want my designs to think for you, anticipate your needs. We all have so much going on, I want women to be able to focus on the important things in life and use Strey Designs bags as a tool to get all of it done!”

Next time you’re at the NBK building, hop over to her studio and chat her up, or catch her at the Mall of America to say hello. Sarah might just have the perfect bag for you, and some tips for your next boss move.