Thank you MCTC!

"Not so different" RC Print, 35mm part of "Man vs. Nature" collection

Spring semester is all done with!  This was my second semester doing Film Photography, and I loved every second of it. Last fall was my first time experiencing anything related to film, as well as the dark room, and let me be honest my photos sucked! I didn't care much for how they came out, just as long as there was something on the paper when I would print. This was mostly because of the fact that learning how to use a film camera and developing was hard for me. Ive been a self-taught photographer for the last 4-5 years and I never had people help me either, except for my one experience with Star Tribune photography Jerry Holt who was very insightful on how to capture moments in the photojournalistic field but understanding how to use a camera fully was not my strength. 

So there I was last fall with an old Nikkormat, and a Nikon f60 bought from Ebay. I never touched my Nikkormat because it was so old an everything was measured manually, so I took on the challenge with my f60 which is still a film camera just more modernized. Needless to say I made it through the semester with a C in that class, or a D.... Not very happy with that grade I mean here I was calling myself a photographer yet I couldn't even handle film? Anyways, I decided I had to change that if photography was something I was going to be portraying as a skill. This semester I worked my bum off to actually take it all in and learn, I didn't just perfect the developing and use of a film camera in my own manner, but I learned how to do the matting and framing of my own work. I am so thankful for my photography teacher for telling me when i was messing up, and encouraging me when I did well or noticed my own mistakes with my work.

Thanks to my professor, I decided to showcase two of my film prints in the Spring Semester Fine Arts show. I didn't learn until the last week of school that my photograph had received an "Honorable Mention" Award and that the school wanted to buy this print. It's one of a kind, I mean I made like 5-10 prints of it in the dark room, until I could get the contrast and blacks that I was aiming for, but that took days in that lab. I wanted to share this with everyone because it means so much to me. Thank you Minneapolis Community & Technical College, it's a pleasure to have won this award and I'm excited that this piece– part of my "Man vs. Nature" collection, will now forever be a part of the campus! 

If you guys enjoy something, work hard to fully understand it from the basics. Own that skill, and accept the mistakes you do along the way, as well as the successes even if they're small ones! It was an obstacle to do this myself but I'm happy I didn't give up.