Make Time For YOU!

Sorry to those who stay updated on my blog, I haven't had the chance to post anything for a bit! This summer I decided to really pile it up on my plate, I got the privilege to be an intern for College Fashionista this summer, writing blog posts on fashion trends, tips, and more! So most of my posts have been going there lately. I'm also taking summer courses, and work so it's been a bit hectic. 

Lately I've had days where I just sit there and space out for a sec and think "Wow Vikki, you overdid it this time," but it does teach you lessons on time management and in reality as you grow up you somehow get busier with less time for a social life, and Me-Time. That sure wasn't something any of us signed up for. 

Kudos to everyone out there who may be doing the same thing I am this summer or more, just please find time to RELAX. I've tried to figure out what I can do to keep myself sane and I wanted to share that with all of you:

     + Have an agenda, as cliche as that sounds they do help. Whether it's writing reminders on your phone or a hard cover mini notebook, if you need to write things down so you remember when you have plans then do it! The last thing you need is to forget an event, a meet-up or deadline.

      + Let it out! We all get stressed out, and when you have a million things to worry about its bound to catch you unexpectedly. So write it out, work it out (runs are my go to), or talk it out with your best friend. Chances are they might need to do the same. Just make sure you let the stress out somehow or you'll become that nagging/angry person people avoid.  Use crying as a last resort, not that it's not normal but trying to work things out mentally or verbally just seems better. Unless that's what works best for you of course.

       + Stay healthy, I think it's an obvious point but if you're not getting enough sleep, or eating well you're not going to feel good so simple things like thinking will be hard on top of your busy life. With a healthy body, comes a healthy mindset. Plan out meals, if you're running around all day long make sure to carry healthy snacks with you to stay fueled. Go to bed early, not 7PM but early enough to get a full 7-8 hours of rest. Hydrate! It'll help keep your hunger in check and body functioning.  

        +ME-TIME, although we all enjoy having a social life and I definitely recommend hanging out with your friends even if it's just to catch lunch between all of your busy lives make sure you're getting at least a few hours or even 30 minutes to decompress by yourself. Take a longer shower than usual, do yoga, go get your nails done, or go to a movie on your own.


 These are all the tips I have. They've mainly been passed on through my friends, and family and some I've just come to realize on my own. Just make sure you can say at the end of your busy week that you took time to care about your own sanity. A happy you, is a better you! Please share any tips you guys might have below, I'd love to hear them & try them out.