I wanted to mix a couple of things that I've seen trending lately but combine it with more of a minimal look. I really enjoy how the pieces I picked for the moodboard this week could make an outfit truly standout, not only because of how it's put together but also because the designs grab your attention in some quite interesting ways.

The top from UO looks like a regular white long sleeved top from the front, it really is nothing special but once you turn your back you see the deep v-cut with intricate crochet designs it's hard to look away. The pants are similar in the way that they bring attention to whoever is wearing them to the right places, the sheer fabric at the ankles is perfect to show of your shoes preferably heels because these pants are very long to start out with but the design itself gives the illusion of having longer legs and it also helps emphasize your waistline/curves thanks to the smaller waistband.

Since black and white are already a cliche look I wanted to give this outfit idea a pop of color so I decided to pick these shoes from Free People and the earrings from Rox'N'Bunny in similar colors. The shoes are distressed leather clogs, the type of shoe that many don't wear or see as stylish because many designs are just chunky and unattractive but I'd like to differ at least with these because they look fun and comfortable to wear. The earrings match the golden tone of the shoe leather and also the marble matches the entire ensemble with the black and white tying it all together. A little can go a long way sometimes, you don't need to add a lot of color or many accessories to make an outfit standout this look could be worn to any occasion because of it's clash of classy/casual and minimalist style.

This white and black marble trend is getting really popular, there are phone cases with this style and a variety of jewelry so keep an eye out for that as well as modernized designs for a variety of clothing/shoes such as these clogs. These pieces for the most part are also pretty affordable the pants are on sale for $19 on TOBI, and the earrings are $9.

Let me know what you guys think of this outfit idea in the comments, or on the instagram post (@vrturcios) and like always the shoppable links can be found below:


Have a rad weekend!