Levi's Surf Shack 501ct Jeans, Madewell tank, Kimono fringe shawl c/o Target, Zara Elasticated High Heel Boots, Steve Madden handbag

Spring fashion is among us! Although you will rarely see me wearing skirts or dresses I can definitely say that I am starting to branch out a bit. I'm adding more color and prints/patterns to my wardrobe. I've even added a few skirts and dresses here and there that I'll be sure to share with you guys. A while back we all saw the fringe fad, people got over it pretty fast and some still say "friends don't let friends wear fringe," as much as I understand that I do think it can be worn rather well. You just have to be smart about how you wear it, remember that a little goes a long way.

Even though my personal style evolves as I'm growing up, my love for denim is never changing and you can find me wearing jeans all year round. A quick tip if you're someone who has to cuff your jeans or simply likes to, cuffs can either be folded for a clean look or be rolled up for a more relaxed and rugged touch.


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