Dress + Off-White Sweater (locally thrifted @ Buffalo Exchange) Kicks (Converse) Jacket  (Levi's Commuter) Rad sunless tan (TheGlowLounge)

Slip and shift dresses have truly evolved this year so knowing what to wear them with can make it an essential piece in your wardrobe.  The following looks are the perfect go-to for the crazy holiday season when you're running from one event to the next. I also needed to show off the rad sunless tan I received at TheGlowLounge before the holidays so if you're looking for a safer way to get that natural glow pay them a visit. They helped my sun deprived skin feel so dress worthy during the coldest of seasons which blew my mind.

LOOK #1 : Dress Only

The first look is easy to recreate, by wearing the dress alone and accessorizing as you wish you've got a perfectly good outfit for anything. Maybe even throw some some statement pieces here and there or keep it minimal depending on your taste.

Look #2 : Sweater Weather

By wearing a cardigan or other type of sweater over the dress it gives the look a perfect balance of chic and modesty for either a family dinner, work holiday party, etc. Also in case you didn't see the snow it's pretty cold out here, I use sweaters to easily help me feel comfortable in whatever outfit I am wearing but more so with dresses because I don't wear them as often. Matching the shoes to the color of the sweater really helps bring the look together along with silver jewelry to add a little something but not distract from the ensemble.  

LOOK #3 : Casual Shennanigans

Now we're taking this dress to another level by adding my commuter wool jacket from Levi's and adding my favorite Converse kicks. I've taken this dress from a cute, yet modest look to something I can wear out to any casual outings. Whether it's a dinner with friends or happy hour I am all set to go, all thanks to just changing up a few things. That's the beauty of a good shift/slip dress. Try it out and share your looks with me in the comments below or through IG. Oh and by the way, it's been a rad year thanks to all of you so I'm sending out the best of vibes and wishing you all a happy new year! Never stop doing what you love and stay rad.