Getting to know empowering women has become a trend in my life, and I am thankful that Jacqueline Amissah Addison is one of them. In case you missed her show in collaboration with local designer Studio Nineseven this Saturday, I've got you covered with a gallery of photos filled with fantasy as well as the details of a great interview I got to do with her below. 

"A lot of my pieces reflect high end couture but I try to add functionality to my designs to appeal to the fashion forward individual,"

says Jacqueline in regards to how her designs standout amongst those of other designers here in the midwest. This comes to no surprise since the 26 year old's source of inspiration comes not only from art, nature, and her heritage but also from renowned designer Michael Costello, whose work thrives in exquisite high fashion. 

Every strong and inspiring woman I've met has without a doubt gone through their fair share of obstacles and life changes that helped lead them down the path of becoming a girlboss, and for Jacqueline it was no different. The one person who really paved the way for her interest in fashion was her father, a designer himself. Growing up, she would join her father at his studio and clearly remembers how he would never take measurements, or use patterns which is something she does as well. Her father passed away when she was nine years old and the impact of his loss resulted in her love of fashion becoming a painful memory. When Jacqueline got to the Art Institute she started out as a fellow graphic designer, but quickly snapped out of the painful denial that it just wasn't what she wanted to do with her life. This was when she decided to follow her real passion– fashion. The change of career path for her came due to the words of wisdom her father left her with, "Finish what you started."

If her story wasn't impactful enough, Jacqui's skills are striking on their own as well. She is capable of completing a full gown with bodice and appliqués within a day and a half, and a small collection within a week. Doing what she loves while giving back is something that she cherishes, which was the main reason she decided to donate a portion of the ticket sales from this show, Futuristic+Fantasy to the organization Tatas & Friends

I believe that she is definitely a designer to watch after seeing her designs walking down that runway.  Stunning doesn't even begin to cover the work that Jacqueline is capable of creating. The amount of detail and grace that her designs are able to portray can only be described as something out of pure fantasy, and what I can only imagine would be the real-life depiction of fairy tales.

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