This season I had the chance to go to the INNOVATIONS MN fashion show that consists of educating the audience on how eco, and sustainable fashion has started a movement here in the twin cities with our growing fashion industry. Sol Inspirations– the team behind the event also give fashion design students the chance to win a scholarship through their eco fashion design challenge.

As a fashion stylist, constant consumer of the fashion industry, and human I think it's important to remember that we owe a lot to the planet we live in. Specially knowing that every fashion purchase we make can either harm or help our planet. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter of our planet, after the oil industry. I'm a firm believer that change starts from the bottom up, and the factor of change in that sentence is what we do individually everyday to minimize our impact. 

After recently watching the True Cost documentary, I learned a lot about the growing problem in the fashion industry in regards to fast fashion. I was also able to connect this information with that from the event and how one can implement that knowledge locally. The event was great, I got to see beautiful designs and pieces not only from the students who were a part of the design challenge but also local boutiques, and designers (Hazel & Rose, House of Gina Marie...). Stylists for the show also got to style looks from local thrift stores to show the audience that eco doesn't only mean using sustainable/recyclable materials, eco-fashion can also include purchasing thrifted or vintage goods. This is one of the many reasons why I thoroughly enjoy thrifting as many of you already know, it has become a way for me to minimize my footprint on the environment.

Share what you know with those around you about the issue. Education is an easy way to achieve progress. If you'd like to start minimizing your impact on the environment in a more local manner like myself here's the Twin Cities Guide to eco-fashion. You can find a full gallery of the show by visiting my portfolio. For now, I'll leave you with the words of Sol Inspirations board member Ashleyn Przedwiecki, 

" In order for us to truly make change in the fashion industry as a whole, we must choose more eco-friendly options when we are deciding how we are clothing ourselves and choosing to express what we believe. There are so many types of "eco" fashion and to support those elements that fit your values can make a difference in so many ways."