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It can be hard to layer up and still feel like your outfit looks good as a whole, specially if it's super cold out and you're wearing a huge jacket that you feel completely takes over your look. You don't always have to sacrifice your outfit decision because of the weather, sometimes you just have to work around it.

I live in Minnesota so during the winter if it's above 10 degrees that's considered "nice" to us (or at least for me) so that's usually when I would wear something like this. These tips are mainly for layering lighter jackets or sweaters preferably for mild winter temps. Simply layer a mid-long length blazer or jacket with a sweater underneath, it looks well put together when they're the same length or the layer underneath is slightly longer to create contrast.  If you use a scarf, or a hat pick one that matches what you're wearing or one that compliments the look as a whole.

For those of you who are petite or curvy like me wearing longer layering pieces can be tricky so my tip is to wear heeled shoes or boots to give yourself some height, and wear bottoms or a skirt that sit higher on the waistline. Adding a belt doesn't hurt either, it'll compliment and emphasize the curves under all those layers. I plan on sharing a look wearing a much bigger coat for the full on winter outfit in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that.


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Good vibes, always