Homie, Home- No it's HOMME


This is the official fashion week for MN and there have been plenty of shows so far with more coming this weekend, but for anyone who missed out on Wednesday night's FWMN-HOMME show here are some pictures I got off the runway as well as a few details on my favorite parts of the evening.

This show focused on highlighting what MN has to offer in the menswear department and it was delightful to see how fashionable and versatile the looks were. There was a lot of denim, leather, bags, coats, suits and even motorcycle helmets:

They covered quite a lot of ground style-wise, giving the everyday man a chance to experiment with not only color and pattern but reaching for a more modern look. When you really think about it MN is known for having 1. Frigid Winters, 2. Being one of the top cyclist friendly states, 3. Hub for creative minded individuals, 4. One of the states lucky enough to have men who really dig the whole Lumbersexual/MetroJack look so offering products and clothes that cover these lifestyle points is important. Even the more classy ensembles were truly top notch designs that men could wear to a variety of occasions having the chance to dress it up or tone it down. 

Some of my favorite parts of the show included the denim (duh) jackets and jeans specially the fact that they were cuffed, sometimes a cuff really shows off your shoes and just gives any look a modernized style. The play of handmade leather goods like the coats, shoes and accessories for some of the looks kept things classy not only giving guys a wider range of quality product-wise, but just overall portraying good taste. Even the color palette of the designs was one of my favorite parts of the show I felt that it was chosen really well including tones of yellow, red, blue, and brown while keeping them in check with patterns and neutral tones.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, it was great to be there and see what local designers, and shops have to offer guys. This week isn't only for the fashionista's of the midwest, it's also for the fashionisto's out there. On a quick side note I also got an awesome t-shirt from My Sister at the show, an organization that encourages the equality and protection of women against sex trafficking and it was truly enlightening to hear what they had to say so please check them out it's worth your time. Last but not least I have to make a quick shoutout to the ladies that made the show possible, Sarah Edwards & Connie Mrotek great job!