LEVI'S, Target Style, UO, SOREL


We got a light snowfall earlier this week in MN but really this may be one of the lamest winters we've had in years. The snow you see under my Sorel boots has already melted. It's kind of a bummer but you never know when Mother nature will decide to let us have it so here are a couple of my favorite winter pieces:

Beanies are a must, and they're even better when they actually keep us warm and look cute at the same time. Found this knitted one at Urban Outfitters. I picked a creamy color because I have plenty of gray ones, and they didn't have a black one in store. It goes well with a variety of outfits so the color is still quite versatile. Gloves are also a must for the cold weather, since we are always connected to our phones the preference tends to be device friendly gloves. I usually don't care much for that as long as they actually keep my hands warm but the fingerless gloves I have on here are actually a three-in-one combo (device friendly) found at Target, you can wear the set individually or together so I figured it's definitely a rad pair of gloves to have.

Sorel boots are known for their quality, and I attest to that. Got these Tivoli boots back in 2013, and they're still my go to winter boots. Since I got these they have changed their designs quite a bit but I can't yuck them until I've tried them, the latest design is the one linked above. The Tivoli is perfect for light or heavy snow, the traction on the sole works for when you're out and about walking on icy sidewalks or roads. Like I've mentioned in previous posts I'm a commuter, whether it's bussing or biking in the city so I know how rough it gets when you don't always have a car during the winter. I haven't slipped on ice since I've owned these so there's that, now to knock on wood before that changes.

The women's Commuter Trucker jacket is probably one of the few winter jacket's I've owned that were worth the investment. The wool fabrication makes this jacket very warm & water repellent, so snow has nothing on this babe. It wouldn't be a Commuter piece without the reflective details, these run along the upper back and don't distract from the design. Even though it is meant for the commuter community, anyone can own the pieces of this line and I highly suggest giving this jacket a try. The design is also quite versatile you can wear it to a variety of occasions since it's easy to dress up or dress down because of how classy it looks.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday this week with your loved ones, whatever it may be that you celebrate. Shop these pieces with the links above and feel free to subscribe or comment below.

Good vibes, always