Turtle neck sweater, heels, tote (thrifted @ Arc's Value Village) Jeans (Levi's 721)  Hat (H&M)

Even though spring and summer both thrive on colors, fall can also be a vibrant season. I know the look I'm sharing is dark and a gradient of grays in comparison to what I am talking about, but look even my heels have leaf designs, very fall-ish no?

The rich, warm tones of the leafs throughout this season never ceases to amaze me. More importantly how nature is so willing to accept change. I've been going to meditation classes for the last month or so over at Yoga Sol and this has been a recent topic we discuss at the end of class. As humans the concept of letting go is scary, it's dark, and most of the time we can't bring ourselves to simply do it. I've come to terms with accepting change, to be quite honest I've become an individual who seeks change. I thrive on it, but that's not letting go. I'm still learning how to do that, and trust me I know it's hard but being able to accept that fact is the first step of many. Anyways, I love having sweater weather back and I suggest you guys try meditation sometime.

Good vibes, always