I'm hoping that the title of this post reminded you of the "BANANAS" Gwen Stefani song when you read it in your head. Although this post has nothing to do with her or that song, it does have everything to do with bandanas. They are by far my favorite accessory, and that's mainly due to their versatility. They can be used for literally anything. They're the perfect replacement for headbands and plenty of other uses as far as head-wear goes reminding us of that symbolic poster by J. Howard Miller with the quote, "We can do it!" bringing about a whole other meaning to the bandana itself of feminine empowerment. They can also be used around your neck, wrists, and thighs as statement pieces. 

No matter how I wear a bandana I always begin by folding it in half, creating a diamond shape.  When it's in this shape you can easily wear it as a gardener wrap, which is well known for its obvious look.

By holding the bandana in a diamond shape upside down, and folding the bandana over itself 2-3 times until it's an elongated rectangle-like shape such as the image below

You can now wear it in the following ways:

Recently, I saw them being used as napkins at a happy hour event which brought about a whole new category of uses for bandana's at home.  I'm sure you can use them as rags to clean up quick messes, or to brighten up a table set-up. Bandanas have endless uses, and I hope this post helps you try new ways of wearing them.


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