If you guys follow me on Instagram (@vrturcios) or read the last post then you probably know that lately I've been messing around with my camera and my friends,  the latest mini session included sequins. Lots of sequins, so for this week's moodboard I figured why not make it all about sequins and everything that glitters? If this isn't outfit inspiration then I don't know what is. The black dress paired with the jacket would be a killer look, and the silver glitter of the booties help balance out the visual overload you'll be giving everyone. Check these babies out, they're out of this world. 

Being totally honest with you guys, I have heard that wearing sequins can actually be quite annoying depending on the piece you're picking out because if it's a tank top or sleeveless dress it could end up hurting/chaffing your underarms so pick wisely when shopping for "sequinned" items if it was designed correctly it shouldn't be a problem, after all you want to be comfortable in what you wear not miserable. I don't know if sequinned is even a word so correct me if you'd like but yeah I thought these were all awesome let me know what you guys think below!


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Good vibes, always