Watercolor & India Ink 

So it's finally Friday once again but unlike most weeks I will not be posting a moodboard today. It's been a long week, mainly a bittersweet one. My family & I lost my grandmother last weekend, a strong and beautiful woman who loved life and always tried to help others in any way she could. She was a mother to me not just a grandmother and this loss has truly taken a toll on my family and I. Getting through that this week while painting a positive mindset has been hard but I'm able to say that I will be okay, and that is all thanks to my family and friends as well as having some time to process things on my own.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on this because to me family is one of the most precious things we are given, I understand the pain of loss and the toll it can take. During these hard times, whether it's easier for one to get over things on their own by staying busy or surrounding themselves by others constantly, just remember that after all that sadness and pain one can find refuge in positive thinking and remembering to stay strong. I do not consider myself to be religious but I do believe that having faith, whatever that may mean to you individually, and keeping a positive mindset can truly make a difference and help you find that positivity and inner strength to push yourself forward.