When we become more aware about the pieces we buy from certain brands or companies as well as how these are giving back, it impacts our role in helping different communities and our planet. Here's a little about why it's a good thing for people to buy locally or handmade items!

I wrote a post about it for College Fashionista which you can read as well! 

Here in Minnesota there's a huge feeling of community, you see t-shrits with our state outlined everywhere and it's because we're proud to be a part of what makes this state stand out in the Midwest. Shopping from local designers, artists, and vendors means that you help them grow. I always hear the word "EXPENSIVE" when an item is described as handmade or made locally, and I agree at times they do seem overpriced but that's not because they want to take all your money, but because that one piece you're buying took hours, if not days or months to create so all their hard work is basically imprinted on it now and you get the chance to own that. Keep in mind that what artists and designers make by hand is for the most part a unique piece that can't be replicated by anyone or even themselves. 

There are also many local vendors and designers that aim to help a cause with their profits and that's something you can be a part of as well when you buy their items, so it's always a good idea to click on the "About Us" section of web stores to learn more or just asking vendors when you're there on the spot about how they're giving back. I don't know about you guys but I think it's rewarding to know that your money will be put to good use after a purchase.

Personally, the pieces I've bought that have been made locally or handmade from my country back in Guatemala are by far the most precious ones to me not because of their price tag but because of how beautifully they were made. You obviously don't have to fill your closet with pieces like this, but every now and then if you can afford it go find something local to enjoy, or while you're traveling! These pieces will set your style and outfits apart from the everyday individual wearing only brand named items.

Thrifting isn't a bad thing either there's plenty of places to make your style more personal and unique. Here's a few of my favorite brands/places/designers you guys can check out with various messages & products to offer:


California: Warriors Of Humanity L.A


Guatemala: MAYAXUZ 

Mexico:  YAYAS


Half of these awesome creative individuals I found on Instagram, as well as being friends of mine or meeting them at various fashion shows & events here in this beautiful city. I encourage you guys to check them out!