Dress (Fifth The Label via Cliché) Shoes (MADE via DSW)

Minnesota is big on everything local. We root for our brands, shops and individuals to grow which brings me to realize how I don't give our local boutique Cliché enough credit for always being there for me. This shop is so well curated by Delayna & Josh that it has become my one stop shop for anything that comes up– fashion shows, trips, events, life, etc. They were the place I ran to before leaving for LA knowing that my wardrobe wasn't ready for warm weather (certainly not 80-90 degrees). I also knew that I wasn't ready to look the part for fashion week in LA because I figured a dress would be the perfect go to but being totally honest with you guys, I don't have many of those. I tried this baby on and instantly knew it had to come with me.

Fifth The Label is the Australian brand guilty for this beautiful design. The "New Wave" dress, made of light-weight fabric, flared buttoned sleeves that can be as casual as you may want it and dressed up when need be. A key design fit for any season due to its versatility. There's no stretch in the fabric except for the back of the waistline, but that still made for a unique and comfortable fit. Take in mind that I wore this dress the entire time I was styling the day of FWLA and I have no complaints, fit like a glove and was breathable enough for the California heat.