Blouse & Pink coat (thrifted locally @ Arc's Value Village) Pants (Kit & Ace) Shoes (Converse) Shades (AJMorgan Eyewear via Cliché)

Turning 22 has me feeling some type of pink. Wow 21 went by quicker than I thought. This last year was full of so many adventures that it's hard for me to think back and take it all in. I am still trying to figure out how my friend Molly and I got to style a show in Los Angeles for fashion week this month! I am insanely thankful for my friends, family and all of the opportunities that came my way. I am also insanely thankful for all my readers & followers because without you creating content wouldn't be as fun.

The only way I know how to say goodbye to being 21 is with an outfit highly concentrated in shades of pink & comfort. Cheers to a new lap around the sun for all of us, may it be our best one yet guys!