Sunnies (AJ Morgan Eyewear via Cliché), Clutch (Thrifted locally at Moth Oddities), Tee (Thrifted locally @ Rewind Minneapolis), Sweater (Express / Thrifted locally @ Clothes Mentor), Booties (Report Shoes)

I've always seen style as the best way to tell the world who you are without saying anything. Some people just see it as a necessity (because obviously nobody walks around naked) and they forget to have fun with it. To make it their own. 

This look is fully thrifted aside from the sunnies and the booties. I don't believe that style/fashion blogging should be about the latest and most expensive pieces. It started out as a way to help people get inspiration and tips on how to wear things, and I certainly hope that keeps being the core of what most bloggers hope to evoke. Trust me, you can save money and be stylish too.

Each one of these pieces stuck out to me because in some way or another described my personality, or took it to the next level. I LOVE superhero comic books,movies, and TV shows. My favorite superhero is Iron Man, so when I saw this XL tee I had to figure out how I could possibly style it. There was no way I would leave without it. I'm certain it is a men's tee but who cares, it has now become a cherished addition to my wardrobe and don't get me started on this cardigan. It is a fabulous  faux-fur like/sparkly creation that goes with just about anything.