Let's chat about skincare. The last couple of months my skin has gone through a bit of a change, I had been on the pill for quite a few years now and decided that worrying about that everyday needed to change so I opted for the IUD. How does birth control relate to skincare? Well, our bodies go through quite the hormonal change when you're on birth control,  and for me the pill really helped keep my skin clean and clear. That's one of the many reasons women opt for it which rocks. Now with the change, my skin is either full of makeup, sweat due to daily workouts, or the regular pollutants that surround us which isn't helping my pores.

Maybe my skin is much more sensitive now than ever before? Whatever it may be, my previous skincare products weren't doing it anymore. After trying Careology Skincare for a whole week, in the mornings and before bed I have definitely noticed a change and I want to share that with all of you.

Carolyn Connelly reached out to me to try her products and I'm not going to lie, I was skeptic at first. I believe it was partly because I was so used to the same skincare routine, and finding new things that could get me results sounded like too much work.  I looked up the ingredients in her products, I learned about how it is a sustainable skincare line that can work for any skin type. The ingredients make her products less toxic than a vast majority of the products I've used before and my skin has slowly improved. After a week of usage, my skin feels more balanced. The products are helping clear my skin, while keeping it moisturized and fight breakouts.

Trust me, I know first hand that taking care of yourself can get expensive but thanks to Careology Skincare all my readers and followers get a 15% discount from any order with the code visualvitaliti at checkout. If you're curious or need to change your own skincare as well give them a go. I'm really glad I did, now skincare is one less worry for me.

I'm using her Sweet Raspberry line of products and here's the low-down on them:

Sweet Raspberry Soy Softening Facial Cleanser:

  • Jojoba Seeds (sustainable alt. to the harmful micro-beads that damage our environment)
  • Capric Triglyceride (natural alt. to sulfates / non-toxic)
  • Phenoxyethanol (bacteria fighting component thats safer for skin)

Sweet Raspberry Soy Recovery Night Cream:

  • Aloe (anti-inflammatory, natural remedy for soothing skin, sustainable)
  • Soy (natural + anti-aging)
  • Shea butter + Jojoba seed oil (moisturizer, helps restore skin naturally)


  • Raspberry Extract (no fragrance / less toxic)