Jumpsuit (Old Navy) Sunnies+Clogs (Cliché) Necklace (H&M) Bomber (thrifted locally)

Found this gem on sale at Old Navy so if you guys like it guess what? It's still on sale, so go get yourself one babes. I enjoy the simplicity of the design and how it accentuates or creates the illusion of curves with the stitching detail along the waistline. Wearing this jumpsuit felt like overalls, but not really because it was more comfortable. I'm going to go ahead and say that part of that was the silhouette, it compliments my figure a bit more than overalls usually do.

I'm also giving clogs a go, they're kind of different but I'm trying guys. I also wanted to give a quick shoutout to my hairstylist Brigitte from the Chair Salon MPLS because her braiding game has been on point. She did boxer braids on me the day prior to shooting this, then I sort of undid them to create ponytails and change things up a bit.


Stay rad,



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