Every known trend comes back at some point, you know the whole saying of history repeats itself? I know it's not always said in a positive way but with fashion I'd like to think it's definitely a good thing with certain trends and I have recently fallen in love with patches and pins.

There have been pins and patches everywhere lately and some are so rad I just had to share some of my favorites with all of you. I just recently purchased the "braces" pin by Robin Eisenberg and I'm stoked to have it shipped in the next couple of days, I figured it was an appropriate one to get since I have braces and a badass looking one to have as well. Pins & patches are fun, they add more personality to what you're wearing with unexpected quotes or artwork. If you're into them feel free to shop these by clicking the pictures below:


ElloThere                  "Summer Vibes" patch.

Ohh Deer                     "Chicks before pricks" patch

Millioneires              "Because I can" patch, (not sold separately only on beanies & hats. SORRY!)


Robin Eisenberg   "Nice Nails" pin 

LUELLA  "Thrift Queen" pin

AsildaStore "Traveler" pin

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Good vibes, always