Bomber (Vogue/ thrifted locally @ Arcs Value Village) Top (Kit & Ace) Leggings (Old Navy) Boots (Sorel) Mittens (Target) Beanie (Burton)

There is no other season I am more prepared for than winter. You certainly have to be if you live somewhere like the lovely city I call home– Minneapolis. We got close to -40 degrees F this past weekend and for having only two actual snowfalls this season so far, they certainly dumped quite a bit on us.

Sorel's approach to footwear design is always evolving and they have styles for a variety of tastes. They based their brand on innovation and craftsmanship that definitely shows right through every pair of boots. I have owned these 1964 Premium Leather Boots since 2012. Figuring that out blew my mind. 

After four years that included a few rough winters here and there, these boots are still as good as new. They serve the purpose they need to in keeping my feet warm no matter the temperature outside,  plus they are definitely reliable in harsh conditions. Haven't slipped or fallen on ice since I've had these which is a personal goal of mine every winter.  A few inches of snow or negative degree weather have nothing on me, or my pair of Sorel's.