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Lightweight + Versatile

the jackets for whatever the weather has in store since 1975

Living in Minnesota everyone knows the weather is unpredictable so good outerwear is key and if you're someone who's making their way here for the Super Bowl you may want to be prepared. You can see two of their jackets styled below, a winter must have that withstood not one but two blizzards in the last three weeks and a lightweight jacket perfect for the 40 degree weather we keep getting randomly.

Let me be honest, I have a problem with overly puffy winter jackets, specially when I'm running from class, to work or from the gym, to meetings. The more versatile the better. I can stuff my Elongated Bomber in a backpack or comfortably fit it just about anywhere. The length and fur lining is a plus, keeping you warm even when the weather hits negative digits. Member's Only also gets bonus points for the detachable hood on this one.

I wont forget to mention the ease and comfort of the Washed Satin Boyfriend Jacket. I'll be sporting this silver baby when the weather allows, if you're lucky and live in warmer/more predictable weather you can wear it all year round.